SGI Provides Imaging Services for Hard Rock Mining

Heap Leach Pile Raffinate Mapping

Exploration - Sterilization

Ore Body Delineation

Void Detection – Natural and Mine Voids

Stolar Global Imaging’s Radio Geophysics technologies provide multiple applications in the industry of Metal / Non-Metal Mining, including ore body delineation and void space detection.

  • Generates images of the geology between adjacent drillholes; better detecting areas of mineralization or high geological change.
  • RIM instruments send radio waves through the rock, reacting to geologic layering, composition, mineralization, structure and void-spaces
  • Applicable to most geological or geotechnical imaging in hardrock and metalliferous mining
  • Provide 2-D and 3-D conductivity mapping of heap leach piles/pads to identify areas abnormal porosity/permeability; correlate to zones of abnormal concentrations of solution (channeling or shadowing).
  • Identify areas within a rock pile/pad/dam that should be investigated to understand/reduce the risk of Slope Failure.
  • Can improve resource evaluation and mine planning by:  imaging between exploration boreholes, better delineating structure;  navigating around areas of geologic anomaly or mining hazard
  • Recently RIM surveys have added value to exploration drilling by imaging ahead of mining.