AMG Construction Services: 

Buried Utility Detection and Mapping

Unique AM Band Gradiometer Techology

Non-Destructive, Images Through Concrete and Rebar

Normal Detection Depths of 30' Below Surface

Conditional Detection at Depths of 50' or More

Integrated Leica Laser Surveying and Trimble GPS Systems

AMG Detects:

Electrical Conductors (any type)

Metal Pipes

Non-Metallic Conduits (fluid filled)

Natural Gas Lines

Fuel Lines

Brick, Concrete, or Ceramic Sewer Lines

Shielded Fiber Optics Cable

RIM (Radio Imaging Method) Construction Services: 

Void Space Detection and Mapping

Borehole-to-Borehole Mapping

Detects Geologic Anomalies

Detects Variations in Moisture Content

Operates in Vertical or Horizontal Wells and Bore-Holes

Customizable for Unique Situations

Multiple Systems Available for Depths of 8' - 5,000'

Why Choose SGI

Preliminary Results On-Site

On-Time Survey Completion and Report Turnaround

Unique Technology

Proprietary Patent-Protected Hardware and Software

Exemplary Safety Record

Worldwide Mobility with Experienced Logistical Planning

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