SGI Provides Services for Coal Seam Mapping

Borehole-to-Borehole Imaging During Exploration Phase

Underground Horizontal Bore-Hole Imaging, Imaging Ahead of Mining

Entry-to-Entry Longwall Block Survey with Handheld Equipment

Radio Imaging Detects:

Igneous Intrusions



Changing Coal Conditions

Changes in Roof and Floor Rock

Void Spaces

Intruding Surface Wells and Boreholes

Benefits of Longwall Mapping for Geologic and Structure Detection

Maps In-Seam Structure and Geology Ahead of Mining

Longwall Reconnaissance Establishes Clean Coal Areas

Improve Ground Control Planning

Sensitive to All Coal Seam Changes, and Bounding Rock Changes

Detect and Map Old Mine Voids

Rapid Surveys during active LW Mining Operations

Stolar Global Imaging will customize survey plans according to Stolar's experience and the mine's  long-term or immediate needs.


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