Stolar Global Imaging Core Team Members


Joseph Duncan, President and Senior Geophysicist

The principle scientific and technical contact for Stolar Global Imaging, Mr. Duncan provides unique geophysical solutions to mining, military, and construction industries. With over 20 years experienced in advanced radio-geophysics, as well as electrical, magnetic, and seismic exploration methods, he has performed over 1000 geophysical surveys on 6 continents. Research and development is a continuous facet of Stolar’s unique history, pioneering the field of radiowave geophysics and instrumentation. Mr. Duncan oversees engineering efforts, sensor development and commercialization, and product-line management. Operating from remote offices in both the USA and Australia, Mr. Duncan also manages field-service operations, data processing, analysis and reporting.

Contact Info:
USA mobile: (505) 980-5237

Rose Marchetti-Lew, Business Development

Ms. Lew is focusing on business development for SGI.  Ms. Lew has over 30 years' experience in a varied industries including hi-tech, real estate, ranching, jewelry, government, and non-profits.  Ms. Lew brings a broad skill set to her position with expertise in business management, office management, consulting and training, client services, finance, software development, quality assurance, process development, project management, and change management. Ms. Lew's talent is focusing on the big picture while getting the job done.

Renee Duncan, Administrative Assistant

Contact Info:
USA phone: (719) 671-9331

Robert Wick, Senior Technician

With over 25 years experience in laboratory and field-service work, Mr. Wick is the principle laboratory and field-operations technician at Stolar Global Imaging. With considerable experience in geologic exploration and field surveying, as well as Information Technology and laboratory testing, Mr. Wick provides many facets of both practical and high-tech expertise to Stolar’s varied activities. In addition to sensor development, testing, and maintenance, Mr. Wick operates Stolar’s RIM and AMG systems for commercial survey efforts in the USA and abroad.

Syngen Duncan, Mechanical Engineer

Mr. Duncan has 10 years experience in laboratory, machine-shop, and field-service work. With a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico Tech, he is responsible for both mechanical and electrical system design and assembly drawings/schematics at Stolar. Mr. Duncan also assists with small-batch production and prototype testing, as well as co-management of the RIM, AMG, and Horizon Sensor Product Lines; development of MSHA approval documentation is an integral part of these responsibilities. Syngen Duncan also operates as an active international field-crew member for RIM and AMG field surveys, including operation of sensor packages, CPU instrumentation, GPS systems, and antenna tuning and optimization. He has worked at over 50 mine sites and construction sites in the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Tito Sanchez, Electronic and Software Developer

With over 15 years experience in laboratory and field-service work, and an associate’s degree in Engineering Technology, Mr. Sanchez is an electrical and software design engineer for the RIM, AMG, and Horizon Sensor Product Lines. He has also previously served on Stolar’s international field-crew member for RIM and AMG field surveys. Mr. Sanchez has over 10 years experience in the mining industry, and has worked at over 50 mine sites and construction sites in the USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.

Larry G. Stolarczyk, Founder and Chairman

As the founder of Stolar family of companies, Stolarczyk has made extensive and pioneering contributions to the field of electromagnetic remote sensing, including the development of Radio Imaging Method (RIM) technology for underground mining and gradiometric detection of underground scattering and reflecting objects. Stolarczyk has been awarded more than 40 patents related to electromagnetic sensing to bring about safer, more environmentally friendly coal mining, and technologies related to military applications. He received NASA’s Space Act Award for his method of locating concealed objects, and the National Award for Energy Innovation presented by the Secretary of Energy for the development of RIM for scanning of coal bed waveguides and ore bodies. He developed the first transistorized super-regenerative receivers for garage door controls and residential home security systems; and phase-coherent Doppler Velocity and Position missile tracking equipment for White Sands Missile Range.

Since 1982, he has served as president of Stolar Inc., a multimillion-dollar research and development company in Raton, New Mexico, specializing in radio geophysics development for the underground mining industry.  The applications include emergency and operational wireless communications and post-accident, through-the-earth communications with trapped miners. He served as vice-president and trustee of Raton Public Service Co., a municipally owned; coal fired electric generation and distribution utility.  He co-founded the Arkansas River Power Authority, securing low cost electrical power for seven southern Colorado and New Mexico cities. From 1991 to 1994, he served as vice president of research for RIM Tech, Inc., before returning to Stolar. He also co-founded and has been an officer in the DOE/NNSA funded United States Industry Coalition for Russian Non-Proliferation Programs. He was the principal scientist on five advanced electromagnetic imaging and detection projects in partnership with the Russian Minatom Institutes and DOE laboratories.

Stolarczyk has written over 60 technical papers, received six R&D 100 awards, 11 New Mexico Technology Flying 40 Awards, and two New Mexico Business Weekly Fast Trackers Awards. He is a member of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) and was elected to Sigma Pi Sigma, the national physics honor society. He was also named an Outstanding Engineering Alumnus of New Mexico State University and was awarded the Distinguished Engineering Alumni Award at the University of Colorado in 2011. Stolarczyk earned his BS in electrical engineering at University of Colorado-Boulder in 1960, and went on to earn masters and doctor of science degrees at New Mexico State University in 1965 and 1970. He also completed the Executive Program at the UNM’s Robert O. Anderson Graduate School of Management.