• AMG utility detection is combined with laser surveying and GPS technologies.
  • Ore body delineation project at a hard rock mine in the Queensland Outback.
  • Mapping and monitoring salt water intrusions beneath Long Island, New York.
  • Mapping igneous intrusions for underground coal mines in New South Wales, Australia.
  • Identifying water channels beneath heap leach piles at a copper mine in Arizona.
  • Using AMG for buried utility detection and mapping.
  • Mapping historic underground mine workings in the hills of West Virginia.
  • Borehole radio imaging can utilize existing exploration wells.

Stolar's Imaging Services Can Help Your Project:

Increase Worker Safety

Minimize Utility Accidents

Reduce Insurance Claims

Stay On Schedule


SGI's AMG technology was developed for the military and is now available for commercial and civilian surveys.

SGI's AMG Technology can 'see' buried utilities up to 100' below surface.

SGI's AMG Technology can scan through concrete and rebar.

Industries Served


Buried Utility Detection

Void Space Detection


Civil Engineering

Bedrock Mapping

Earthen Dam Stability

Void Space Detection


Pollution Plume Mapping

Ground Water Monitoring


Coal Mining

Measuring Seam Continuity

Mapping Geologic Structures

Detecting Old Workings

Hard Rock Mining

Heap Leach Mapping

Ore Body Delineation

Void Space Detection

Stolar Global Imaging



Tested SAFE

Proprietary and Unique


Deployable Worldwide




Trained and Certified




30 Years of Research and Development

Award Winning Advancements

Over 100 US and Foreign Patents




RIM, the Radio Imaging Method

Proven Results

Cost Efficient

Handheld / In-Mine and Borehole System Options

Exclusive Technology Covered by Stolar Patents

Customizable for Client Needs

AMG, AM band Gradiometer

Buried Utility Detection

Cutting-Edge Technology

Passive System, No Transmitter Required

Highly Mobile

Laser-Precise Mapping

Other Products and R&D Projects

Through-The-Earth Communication

Drillstring Radar

Horizon Sensor, Cutting Drum Radar

Acoustic Gas Flow Intensifier

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